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Useful Google Search Tips & Tricks

Google is the most popular search engine. However, there are many Google tricks which are unknown by the users which can be very handy while they are searching for information. There are certain searches which are very common but the users don’t know the easy Google tips and tricks to get that information. Here is a list of those common searches and the easy Google tips and tricks.

Type the word “define” before the word for which you want to get the definition. For example, if you want to get the definition of the word alumni, type: define alumni.

Search for Local area
Visit the website and enter the area as well as the keyword of the location that you would like to find. For instance, type hospital in this website to get the local hospitals.

Looking for name and address
Type the phone number along with the area code to get the name and address. 

 Type “weather” and then the name of the city and state or its zip code to get the present weather conditions as well as weather forecast.  

Airline flights
Type the airline’s name as well as the flight number to search for the flight status. You can also see its arrival time.

Tracking package
Type in the tracking number of FedEx etc. to display a direct link to track a personal package.

Web Pages linked to own web page
If you have your personal website or blog, this tip can be very useful. If you want to see what other web pages are linking to your own, type “link” and then you’re URL. (link:  

Google can serve as a calculator. Just enter a math problem, e.g. 34 + 12 and you will get the result 46.

Enter the stock symbol in Google. It will at once display a stock chart and quote price. Any associated links will also be displayed. For instance, if you enter: msft, you will get the stock info for Microsoft.