Physicube is a free block building game focused on physics and destruction, create complex structures and then destroy them and watch them fall.


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1. Select a cube by pressing either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

2. Once you have selected your cube, 'RIGHT CLICK' to spawn it.

3. To stack a cube, 'LEFT CLICK' on one of the white spheres on a cube to stack in that direction.

4. You can turn off the white spheres by pressing 'E', to enable again, press 'Q'.

5. You can shoot a cannon projectile by press the 'C' key.

6. To delete a cube, 'LEFT CLICK' on the actual cube, to delete all cubes within the scene, press the 'R' key.

7. To freeze cubes in mid-air, 'LEFT CLICK' away from a cube.

8. To toggle fly mode, press the 'F' key, while in fly mode press 'SPACE' to ascend and 'LSHIFT' to descend.

9. Press the 'ESC' key to show the 'QUIT' button.